Customers’ reports

QuQuQ Scotland

Great Oak Sales Middlesex UK is a family run business specialising exclusively in VW Transporters, Kombi’s and Campervans.

The QuQuQ Bus Box is perfect for weekend adventures across Scotland.

The bed easily folds over the Kombi seats and is very comfortable.

At the back you have plenty of storage space. With a gas cooker that slides out and two water containers.

Reference from Nathalie and Serge from Ghent (B) QuQuQ BusBox in Volkswagen T6 MPV

We bought our QuQuQ Busbox in spring 2018 from Edzo. We were particularly pleased with the reception, the explanation and the first-class delivery and installation. Four of us set off for Germany and the Czech Republic. Mum and dad slept in the camper (in our case a VW T6 Multivan with QuQuQ) – fourteen-year-old daughter and her friend alongside in the tent.

Opening out the bed did not take much effort, and folding it up again even less. What is more, because the Busbox is so compact, you still have loads of room for luggage (and that is important when four of you are travelling for a few weeks).

Thanks to the integrated cool box and the gas cooker you also have your own small kitchen at hand. Result: freedom to go and stop where you want, without the major investment of a ‘real’ campervan, and the possibility of transforming your vehicle back into a passenger car without much difficulty.

If you ask us: don’t hesitate over the purchase of a QuQuQ, nor about Edzo as supplier and fitter!

Nathalie and Serge – Ghent (Belgium) – December 2018

Reference from Peter and Harmke and Mac box in a Citroën Berlingo

Hi Edzo,

Our 3-month trip with the Mac box and the Citroën Berlingo has now finished. We were really pleased with the box, especially with the thick mattress. We slept well!

We saw a lot; Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. And we saw a few Dutch tourists. That is always nice! In Ukraine (the city of Lviv) just 1 Dutch vehicle…..and what do you think. That car had also been converted by you!! Extraordinary to encounter that Doblo mini camper just then! Perhaps you are familiar with this car?

Regards Peter and Harmke 7-10-2018

@Peter_en_Harmke: Yes, of course, that’s right Peter and Harmke, that was our first demo Fiat Doblo CampUniQ mini camper in the colour bronze. Since sold, and the owner takes it on amazing trips throughout Europe. But how cool that you come across precisely that one in such a large city!


Reference from Alie and Nittert QuQuQ-1 KombiBox in a VW Caddy

Dear Edzo,

Really nice of you to collect the QuQuQ KombiBox from Germany especially for your other customer and us last Friday morning. We immediately set off with our QuQuQ for Europa Park close to Basel. First impression of the QuQuQ is very good.

The Kombibox is solid and certainly measures up to an ordinary flight-case. We slept surprisingly well on the mattress. I have not yet been able to discover the exact working of the gas stove combined with the gas canisters, but then that’s what you get if you always fail to read the instruction manual!

Once again, thank you for the good service and pleasant cooperation, and we wish you much success with your business.

Kind regards from Alie and Nittert from Bennekom (October 2018)

Reference from Albert and Moniek Mac Box in a Renault Kangoo

Dear Edzo,

We collected our MAC Box from you at the end of May. Since then we have been camping with it several times. We have bought a tent (the Kanga Travelpod Tailgater). It is wonderful travelling round and camping in our ‘mini campervan’. Because the rear seats in the Renault Kangoo can lie completely flat, there is also lots of space for luggage. When we arrive at the camp site, we quickly get set up, the tent is up in 15 minutes, it is lovely cooking in our small kitchen and the bed is great for sleeping (with the curtains it is also properly dark).

If we are just travelling through, we do not set up the tent and only need to unfold the chairs and the bed and then we are ready. At home we leave the MAC Box in the back of the car. Parcel shelf on top, rear seats upright again, and it can no longer be seen. If we want to go away for a weekend, we just set off again.

As we had expected, we got a lot of attention at the campsites. We have already had many viewings of our MAC Box.

Edzo, once again thank you for all the good advice and service. It has always been a joy to see the great love and skill with which you and your colleagues build the most beautiful campervans in the workshop.

Albert en Moniek.
11 August 2018.

Reference from Anja Cremers Mac Box with extra stove in Renault Kangoo

Extremely happy with the personal service from Edzo de Jonge of 3DotZero Automotive bv Soest.

A few months ago Edzo ensured that I could achieve my dream. Via the website I read a report by a woman who had travelled by mini campervan with her dog through France. She was driving a Renault Kangoo which Edzo de Jonge had converted into a mini campervan. I was looking for an opportunity to travel round France for five or six months. The mini campervan was the solution for me. In consultation with Edzo I chose a Renault Kangoo. The advantage is that the rear seats in the Kangoo can fold completely flat. It is not necessary to remove these seats when you go travelling. When you are home again, you once again have an ordinary passenger car.

Edzo offered to advise me on the purchase of a second-hand Kangoo. Luckily I agreed to that. With the first car that we viewed, the seller did not seem to be entirely honest about the origin of the car and the mileage. Via a search by Edzo at the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RWD) we discovered that the mileage was not correct and that there was an entry against the car at the RWD. The second car at another garage hit the mark. We were even able to get a fair bit knocked off the price. This would not have been possible without Edzo’s involvement!!

I opted for the Mac Box with an additional hot plate. At the workshop in Soest, provision was made to enable this hot plate to be positioned securely. It was all done very quickly. The car was ready within a few weeks, including lovely curtains, etc.

Thank you Edzo and Richard, particularly for sharing your ideas and the quick personal service.

Now off I go!

De Meern, 11-03-2018

Anja Cremers

Reference from Willem and Jolanda Dam, Enschede, Mac Box in a VW Caddy, August 2016.

Hi Edzo,

Edzo, we are just back on 27/8/16 from a splendid campsite “de Pomp” in Kollummerpomp in Friesland and once again we really enjoyed our new mobile ‘country house’. We thought that we had to give you some feedback on our latest acquisition.

Things happen so quickly, this is the sixth time that we have had a long weekend break with our VW Caddy + MAC BOX. For some time we had toyed with the idea of staying in the countryside on a low budget, without too much fuss. The internet is a great medium for getting ideas on this. We quickly ended up on your site where we were introduced virtually to the MAC BOX. However, we did not visit 3DotZero Automotive bv in Soest until 10 June 2016. We were given an enthusiastic demo by Edzo de Jonge, who, effortlessly, almost made us decide to buy a MAC box at once. An equally warm reference visit to Marten and Jannie in Assen convinced us. Marten laid out everything including awning, zip-on tent and ‘trial sleeps’. If these hale and hearty sixty year olds manage with basic equipment, then people in their early fifties must surely be able to cope. The order was placed in mid-June, and one month later we got an email to say that the Mac Box was ready to be installed, an external 220 volt connection and a curtain rail to be fitted. We get an enthusiastic welcome from the staff of 3DotZero Automotive bv, lovely to see that these professionals take so much pleasure in it.

The Mac Box is left almost permanently in our car under the parcel shelf (however, this unit is secured with 4 small socket screws and is easy to remove). We are off in an instant, rear seats flat, mattress + duvet, roll bag with clothes, chairs and the awning in the car in 15 minutes, we are ready to set off. If we want to take the bikes with us, we simply take out the rear seats and put our bicycles (front wheel removed) diagonally behind the front seats. In the kitchen module we routinely have non-perishable foods, spices, oil, sugar, coffee, tea, flour etc. Tableware and kitchen utensils are routinely kept there. The Waeco cool box works properly and is quite quiet, it is handy to put pre-chilled food in your cool box before you set off. The cool box works on 220 volt and 12 volt and can be adjusted to 8 settings. We can easily leave the cool box operating at 12 volt on the low setting for 1 day without that draining the battery when the car is not being driven. The 1-burner gas stove with wind shield works well, exceeding expectations (we are used to a Whisperlite stove with Coleman fuel).
Replacing the 15-litre water tank requires some practice, but in return you get running water + washbasin on board. The bed is great for sleeping, we opted for a 10 cm memory foam mattress, this is in no way inferior to our own bed. We have a 1.95 cm bed at our disposal, but for this the front seats have to be moved forward a little. However, if you pivot the “20 cm end” of the bed up at an angle, you can even hit the road with a “made bed” (as the front seats can then be pushed back again). We use a 4×4 metre cotton awning which we stretch over half of the VW Caddy. We keep enough covered living space, and even in bad weather it is pleasant to spend time under it.

Next year Norway is on the agenda, and we are fully prepared for it, except for a second battery.

Kind regards,

Willem and Jolanda Dam from Enschede 28/08/2016

Reference from Janny and Marten:

Dear Edzo,

We haven’t got round to it before, but we have always wanted to let you know how much we enjoy camping with our Caddy and the MAC box. Last year we set off a total of five times for shorter and longer periods. During those five times we experienced all kinds of weather conditions: storm, tremendous downpours with gusts of wind and thunderstorms, heat (34 degrees) and cold (4-6 degrees at 1400 metres). All this without any problem.

What is really nice is that you are all ready if you want to leave or move on. Even setting up the tent, now with an inner tent, is quick and easy. And, in all this, there has been no shortage of interest, at every campsite we have been approached by interested people. Lovely for social contact!

The nice thing about the concept of car with tent/awning is that you have lots of variations for using it, depending on the circumstances, such as:

  • If you are only going away for a long weekend, you do not take out the rear seats. For a longer time, it is more convenient to remove the seats in view of the luggage.
  • If you are travelling through and weather conditions are reasonable, it is enough to use just the awning, and then you are done.
  • If it is quite warm, it is more pleasant to sleep in the tent. You pull the mattress out the car and you are ready….When it is cold and wet and you are passing through, it is nicer to sleep in the car.
  • Depending on the situation and your plans, you can also attach the tent to the car or just use them alongside each other.
  • A great advantage is also that you can more easily use your car to get to areas that are difficult to access such as narrow mountain roads, which you cannot reach with a larger campervan. (For example, we were at a campsite halfway along the St Bernard pass with all large campervans, and we were able to make trips to all kinds of side valleys to go hiking. However, these places were inaccessible for owners or ordinary campervans).

In short, precisely all these possibilities, as well as the comfort, make camping much more pleasant. Though we do wonder whether, by the age of eighty, we will still be agile enough to scramble in and out of our bed in the car. Perhaps, by that time, you will also have thought about that!

Removing the box from the car is also a piece of cake. Remove four screws, place the “box” on a wheeled chassis, and done! We are already looking forward to fitting our “box” again and already have quite a few plans for this year. Thinking about this we are wondering whether our awning can be extended further with two sides and possibly even a front.

Kind regards from,

Janny and Marten Verdonk.

Assen, February 2015

Reference from Marie, Belgium:

Hi Edzo,

I just wanted to let you know that everything is fine with my Volkswagen Transporter T5 Camper and that I am extremely pleased with it. I have already had a great deal of enjoyment with it and it is lovely that everything is so nicely finished.

I have now got rid of all leaflets to friends and passers-by, who think the MacBox is an ingenious idea and were themselves interested in it. I hope that you will now get lots of enquiries.

I heartily recommend the MacBox when people ask about it. And if you want me to put some leaflets in my bus to distribute, you can send them at any time.

Once again thank you, and good luck with the sales.


Marie, B2600 Berchem, Belgium 23/08/2014

Reference from Trix and Gerben:

Beste Edzo,

This summer we went on holiday for the first time with our Peugeot Partner Tepee and the MAC Box. To our complete satisfaction. The advantages are that you can drive on the motorways faster than with a caravan and can enjoy the comfort of a campervan without spending loads of money.

We camped in three different places and each time set up the Vaude Drive Base (see photo). The advantage of this tent, which can be set up very quickly, is that you can store your luggage in it when you go out in the car. The tent just stays where it is when you drive off in the car. The benefits of the tent are also that you have more privacy and a sheltered and dry place to sit when the weather is not so good (and that was the case sometimes this summer). If you pack away the tent the evening before departure, you can be on your way super quick the following morning.

One observation: you cannot drive while the bed is folded out, at least not in a Peugeot Partner Tepee. That is possible with an extended VW Caddy, we think. Anyway, folding the bed in and out is not much work.

Incidentally, we had quite a lot of attention and envious glances when we were parked and sitting in our folding chairs with a lovely cool drink in our hands. We explained the system a number of times!

In short: compliments for your product. We hope to be able to enjoy it for many years.

December 2014.

Trix Gijsel & Gerben Dijkstra

Reference from Michel & Katja with the MacBox mini camper

Hi Edzo,

We get a great deal of pleasure from our MAC BOX MINICAMPER. This is a great concept that you have provided, and it is beautifully made. We have already been travelling around in the Netherlands and in summer shall be travelling in Europe.

However, next week we are setting off for a week without our camper van! Together with friends we are taking part in the summer edition of the ‘Carbage Run’.

We are going to cover 2500 km through wonderful countryside in 5 days and we hope to bring in as much money as possible for the foundation Stichting Uitgestelde Kinderfeestjes.

Many children in the Netherlands are living in poverty. The foundation arranges and organises children’s parties for these children so that, through its efforts, they can still celebrate their birthday with friends.

It would be really great if you would like to sponsor us with a small contribution!

– We do!

If you (BFG) wish to sponsor us, you can indicate that by means of the following form.

Sponsorformulier Team VWB

– Yes, that works, we are sponsoring you, form already submitted!

Best regards,

Michel Jochems & Katja Berendsen, june 2019

Reaction of Conny Sprinkhuizen with the QuQuQ KombiBox

Here are a number of photos of my first experiment with the Qbox kitchen. This is how you discover what is still missing from your own kitchen equipment, but above all what a fantastic invention this is. The Qbox kitchen is really so practical, solid, spacious, everything you need for two people fits in; and the kitchen is also aesthetically pleasing. The stove cooks brilliantly and the gas bottles are, in my view, sufficient for about 5 days’ use.

Kind regards,

Conny Sprinkhuizen

Years of experience in motorhome construction

Edzo de Jonge, owner and founder of our firm 3DotZero Automotive bv, came up with the idea of the Mini camper/CampUniQ at the beginning of 2009 because he was often asked for a compact campervan at an attractive price.

In 2014 he noted that people did not always need a fully integrated mini camper and he came up with the custom-made modular MACBox mini camper box with which you transform your delivery van/combi van/MPV into a complete mini campervan and back again in an instant. Not long after that, the range of camper boxes was extended with 6 different models of robust patented QuQuQ camper boxes. Since 2018 the range has been expanded further with the MicaBox, which was developed in-house and which, as well as kitchen and bed modules, provides sitting and lying space in the mini camper.

We are curious about your experiences

We would like to invite you to email us your story and your beautiful photos. As a thank you for your effort, you will receive an attractive discount with your next accessory order!