You can extend your Camper Box System with additional accessories. We can also carry out any installation work for you.

Accessories for the interior

  • Custom-made curtains in various colours, incl. rails
  • 12 volt lighter socket/USB from the car battery
  • 230 V CEE external connection with earth leakage with integrated double wall socket
  • 10 metre 230 V CEE connecting cable incl. adapter cable
  • 12 and 230 V cool boxes/refrigerators in various sizes
  • Service battery with CTEK charger and relays in closed battery box
  • Transformer 12 V to 230 V
  • Additional universal gas stove
  • Set of two 12 V LED ceiling reading lamps with flexible fitting

Accessories for the exterior

  • Side-wind protection set for the windows of both cockpit doors
  • Window ventilation grilles
  • Towing hook incl. module, relay and fitting
  • Bike Trans Twister bike carrier (2 bicycles). Only available in combination with towing hook

Tents, awnings and insulation materials

  • Custom-made side and rear roof awnings
  • Various (stand-alone) rear/bus tents
  • Set of custom-made thermo insulation mats for the windows

Miscellaneous useful and handy extras

  • Fiamma Bi Pot 30 Porta Potti portable toilet
  • Fire extinguisher 600 ml foam
  • Robust steps with elevation
  • Linnepe Sopo Alarm 12 V, anaesthesia gas
  • Laptop safe, fire-retardant incl. steel cable and fitting
  • Bearlock anti-theft gearbox lock
  • PVC/net elastic storage compartments to go against the side-walls
  • Universal griddle to go on the stove
  • Pull-out additional drawer for QuQuQ
  • Booster frame for QuQuQ
  • Drawer/provisions container for central compartment of Mac Box

Years of experience in motorhome construction

Edzo de Jonge, owner and founder of our firm 3DotZero Automotive bv, came up with the idea of the Mini camper/CampUniQ at the beginning of 2009 because he was often asked for a compact campervan at an attractive price.

In 2014 he noted that people did not always need a fully integrated mini camper and he came up with the custom-made modular MACBox mini camper box with which you transform your delivery van/combi van/MPV into a complete mini campervan and back again in an instant. Not long after that, the range of camper boxes was extended with 6 different models of robust patented QuQuQ camper boxes. Since 2018 the range has been expanded further with the MicaBox, which was developed in-house and which, as well as kitchen and bed modules, provides sitting and lying space in the mini camper.

The Qbox kitchen is really so practical, solid, spacious, everything you need for two people fits in.
Our 3-month trip with the Mac box and the Citroën Berlingo has now finished. We were really pleased with the box, especially with the thick mattress. We slept well!
We get a great deal of pleasure from our MAC BOX MINICAMPER. This is a great concept that you have provided, and it is beautifully made. We have already been travelling around in the Netherlands and in summer shall be travelling in Europe.
Precisely all these possibilities, as well as the comfort, make camping much more pleasant
We get an enthusiastic welcome from the staff of 3DotZero Automotive bv, lovely to see that these professionals take so much pleasure in it.