3DotZero Mobi Kitchenbox


Fully equipped universal portable slide-out kitchen box. Fits in virtually all cars and vans!

Do you love going on adventures, camping, road trips, and outdoor activities? When, where and as often as you’d like: that’s modern freedom! With the MOBI KITCHENBOX, we have seen to all your portable kitchen and storage needs! The unique slide in and out kitchen module that we developed is produced in the Netherlands, using only sustainable materials. The MOBI KITCHENBOX fits in virtually all cars and vans. Installing and dismantling is easy! You can place the module in the boot of your car and easily secure it with two lashing straps. You can also keep the module in the car under the parcel shelf. That way, you can always spontaneously decide to go out or stay put.
We can also offer advice on the purchase and installation of various accessories such as refrigerators, storage systems, awnings, (stand-alone) tents, extra gas cartridges, power outlets in the boot and lots of other extra features.

This slide-out kitchen box is surprisingly complete and comes with standard components including:

  • 1- or 2-burner gas stove with piezo ignition
  • Water reservoir: 5-litre jerry can with a tap and fixture
  • Spacious, removable stainless-steel sink
  • Built-in 5-part silverware tray covered with a removable bamboo worktop
  • Folding worktops on both sides
  • Storage space for dishes


As an extension to our Mobi Kitchen Box, we have developed the optional attachable Mobi Single Sofa. Thanks to this extra supplement, you can (still) expand the Mobi Kitchen Box into a full-fledged 1-person modular mini-camper. The Mobi Single Sofa can be used in two different ways. As a result, it can be used both as a sofa and as a bed. The high-quality cold foam cushions are upholstered, 8 cm thick and form a bed of 190 to 195 cm long and 70 cm wide in the sleeping position. If desired, 10 cm thick cushions are optionally available.

MOBI KITCHEN BOX properties:

  • Fits in virtually every car or van
  • Sustainable design look
  • Handy with ergonomic handles
  • Equipped with soft-close drawer slides
  • Made of water-proof, glued FSC-certified lacquered birch plywood
  • Standard dimensions: depth 70 cm, width 50 cm, height 35 cm
  • Total weight: approx. 22 kg
  • Easy to combine with a rooftop tent on your car
  • Folding worktops on both sides
  • Stable structure without support legs
  • Spacious, removable stainless-steel sink
  • Built-in 5-part silverware tray covered with a removable bamboo worktop
  • 1-burner or 2-burner gas stove with piezo ignition
  • optional 3-piece anodized aluminum windshield
  • Optional cooler or fridge
  • Water reservoir: 5-litre collapsible jerry can with a tap and fixture
  • Multifunctional for cars, boats, tents, etc.
  • Patented
  • Optional sleeping and sitting with Mobi Single Sofa
  • Optional sleeping and sitting with Mobi Single Sofa
Complete set starting at €1,950 including VAT

Advice on buying a suitable delivery van/combi van/MPV

What if you do not have a van, combi van or MPV yet? But you want to take advantage of the attractive price premium, freedom, luxury and comfort of a ready-to-use CampUniQ box and buy a suitable second-hand vehicle? Then contact us, at no obligation. As specialists in compact campers we are happy to help you to buy a suitable second-hand vehicle.

Search on your behalf?

Do you have a preference for a very specific model of vehicle, but you cannot find it? Or is the price of the available second-hand vehicles too high for you? Then contact us for advice, at no obligation. We have years of experience and an extensive network in the (inter)national automotive industry and, if you wish, we can search on your behalf within Europe for the car of your dreams.

Years of experience in motorhome construction

Edzo de Jonge, owner and founder of our firm 3DotZero Automotive bv, came up with the idea of the Mini camper/CampUniQ at the beginning of 2009 because he was often asked for a compact campervan at an attractive price.

In 2014 he noted that people did not always need a fully integrated mini camper and he came up with the custom-made modular MACBox mini camper box with which you transform your delivery van/combi van/MPV into a complete mini campervan and back again in an instant. Not long after that, the range of camper boxes was extended with 6 different models of robust patented QuQuQ camper boxes. Since 2018 the range has been expanded further with the MicaBox, which was developed in-house and which, as well as kitchen and bed modules, provides sitting and lying space in the mini camper.

More information or demonstration?

Would you like to know everything about the MOBI Kitchenbox? Contact us or make an appointment in Baarn without obligation.