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Would you like to drop by and look at a MacBox, QuQuQ or Micabox? Just phone to make an appointment.

3DotZero Automotive bv
Office (not for visitors):
Floris V Dreef 23, 1261 ZH, Blaricum, The Netherlands
KvK No: 54574285
Tel: +31 (0)35 603 50 18
Mobiel: 06-53 488 232

Workshop, visitors & goods address:
Dorresteinweg 86 HAL-D
3763 LL Soest, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)35 603 50 18

Years of experience in motorhome construction

Edzo de Jonge, owner and founder of our firm 3DotZero Automotive bv, came up with the idea of the Mini camper/CampUniQ at the beginning of 2009 because he was often asked for a compact campervan at an attractive price.

In 2014 he noted that people did not always need a fully integrated mini camper and he came up with the custom-made modular MACBox mini camper box with which you transform your delivery van/combi van/MPV into a complete mini campervan and back again in an instant. Not long after that, the range of camper boxes was extended with 6 different models of robust patented QuQuQ camper boxes. Since 2018 the range has been expanded further with the MicaBox, which was developed in-house and which, as well as kitchen and bed modules, provides sitting and lying space in the mini camper.