Ready-to-use boxes for a complete mini campervan

Transform the inside of your vehicle into a CampUniq mini campervan in a matter of minutes

With our various makes of mini-camper boxes you can change your delivery van, combi van or MPV within a matter of minutes into a comfortable mini campervan for fantastic weekend breaks or nice long holiday trips. The mini-camper boxes are equipped as standard with a great bed and a cosy kitchen with lots of extra storage space.

As specialists we can take care of everything for you. From the complete standard ‘pre-installation/assembly’, made-to-measure curtains, electricity 12/230V to many additional accessories such as, for example: cool boxes, awnings and tents. Our mini-camper boxes are suitable for a large number of makes and models of delivery vans, combi vans and MPVs.

Ideal for everyone who loves travelling, freedom and holidays

Do you dream of a holiday where you can enjoy the best car journeys and destinations in complete freedom? But you think a campervan is too expensive or cumbersome? Then, a CampUniQ mini-camper box is ideal for you. You can easily drive it through the narrowest of streets, for example in Italy. You can park and spend the night where and when you want. What is more, with our “all-in-one” CampUniQ mini-camper box systems you have access to all the amenities you desire: a comfortable bed, a kitchen with washbasin and a stove.

MACBox Minicamper Box

The MACBox (Modular Auto Camper Box) is ideal for true campers who want a durable, quality product at a competitive price. The MACBox, consisting of 2 connectable modules, contains everything you need.

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QuQuQ Minicamper Box

QuQuQ Minicamper Box

The QuQuQ Box is extremely easy to install, durable and compact. This stylish and very compact mini camper system is particularly suitable for both globetrotters and impulsive ‘weekend break’ people.

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MICABox Minicamper Box

MICA Box Minicamper Box

With the MICA Camper Box with sitting and lying space in the vehicle, you can turn your combi van/MPV or delivery van into a mini camper in an instant. With the MICA Camper Box seating, kitchen and bed modules, from car to mini campervan and back again!

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When we arrive at the camp site, we quickly get set up, the tent is up in 15 minutes, it is lovely cooking in our small kitchen and the bed is great for sleeping.
The Qbox kitchen is really so practical, solid, spacious, everything you need for two people fits in.
The QuQuQ Bus Box is perfect for weekend adventures across Scotland.
The advantages are that you can drive on the motorways faster than with a caravan and can enjoy the comfort of a campervan without spending loads of money.
I just wanted to let you know that everything is fine with my Volkswagen Transporter T5 Camper and that I am extremely pleased with it.

Advice on buying a suitable delivery van/combi van/MPV

What if you do not have a van, combi van or MPV yet? But you want to take advantage of the attractive price premium, freedom, luxury and comfort of a ready-to-use CampUniQ box and buy a suitable second-hand vehicle? Then contact us, at no obligation. As specialists in compact campers we are happy to help you to buy a suitable second-hand vehicle.

Search on your behalf?

Do you have a preference for a very specific model of vehicle, but you cannot find it? Or is the price of the available second-hand vehicles too high for you? Then contact us for advice, at no obligation. We have years of experience and an extensive network in the (inter)national automotive industry and, if you wish, we can search on your behalf within Europe for the car of your dreams.

Years of experience in motorhome construction

Edzo de Jonge, owner and founder of our firm 3DotZero Automotive bv, came up with the idea of the Mini camper/CampUniQ at the beginning of 2009 because he was often asked for a compact campervan at an attractive price.

In 2014 he noted that people did not always need a fully integrated mini camper and he came up with the custom-made modular MACBox mini camper box with which you transform your delivery van/combi van/MPV into a complete mini campervan and back again in an instant. Not long after that, the range of camper boxes was extended with 6 different models of robust patented QuQuQ camper boxes. Since 2018 the range has been expanded further with the MicaBox, which was developed in-house and which, as well as kitchen and bed modules, provides sitting and lying space in the mini camper.